Jewellery Designing

Jewellery Designing Courses and Programs at Taraash Institute

Jewellery design

Jewellery designing is an important segment of the fashion industry that has witnessed rapid and steady growth in the past few decades. India is a country blessed with rich deposits of mineral ores which contain precious stones like diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, garnet, and sapphire that are refined and polished by jewellery, thereby imparting them a commercial value. These precious and semiprecious jewellery stones are further processed into different shapes and sizes for setting them on ornaments, apparels, watches, and a host of other items.
Jewellery designing in India, has therefore turned out to be an immensely prospective career option for countless young aspirants, enabling them to earn recognition as distinguished jewellery. Technological innovations in the past couple of decades have fuelled the demand for 2D/3D jewellery designing in the new millennium. Taraash Institute, a professional-skills development institute founded in 1988, has been wholeheartedly engaged in offering a slew of jewellery designing programs that have facilitated innumerable aspirants to fine-tune their latent and acquired skills.
Majority of students who successfully completed a course in jewellery designing from Taraash have either established their own business or are employed in a senior position in a renowned jewellery enterprise. The following paragraphs elucidate on the jewellery courses that are offered at Taraash.

1. 6-Month Diploma Course in Jewellery Design

The 6-Month Diploma Course in Jewellery Design aims at grooming the candidate thoroughly, equipping the aspirant with the valuable skills that will enable him or her to become an accomplished jewellery designer in the long run. This short course is supremely suitable for budding young men and women who wish to enter their family businesses as well as for those interested to set up a jewellery outlet or find employment in a large firm.

  • Complete set of instructions for the creation of extraordinary sets and pieces
  • Lessons on the nature and the kinds of raw materials, normal design patterns, ergonomics associated with fine craftsmanship, and designing in line with market realities
  • Lessons on the nature and the kinds of raw materials, normal design patterns, ergonomics associated with fine craftsmanship, and designing in line with market realities
  • CAD techniques for helping learners create immaculate designs that cannot be achieved using traditional designing strategies
  • Submitting a project for appraisal by the mentors

After completing the program, the student becomes well versed in designing and creating exclusive jewellery sets and pieces. At the same time, the student imbues the management and marketing skills necessary for promoting the creations.

  • Basic design creation
  • Creation: Earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces
  • Metallurgy
  • Gemology
  • Examination and submission of project
  • Designer collection
  • Annual design report

2. 1-Year Advanced Jewellery Design Program

The 1-Year Advanced jewellery Design Program aims to impart the promising jewellery designer with highly sophisticated skills that enables the aspirant to design exquisite jewellery pieces. The learner comes to have a thorough understanding of how the Indian as well as international jewellery market functions which ultimately enables him or her to create extraordinary sets for the markets.

  • Conceptualizing designs and processing them
  • Research techniques and methodology
  • Jewellery representations and images
  • Giving shape to the creations
  • Gemology and metallurgy basics
  • Visual communication
  • Design management
  • CAD fundamentals
  • Submitting a design portfolio or project

Jewelry designing by Taraash Institute's students