Taraash the institute of fashion creation

About us

Taraash Institute is not an establishment for simply churning out promising designers but an institution that prepares up-coming professionals who have the capability of setting new benchmarks in the world of fashion, jewellery, and interior design. The fashion industry by dint of its very nature has always been subject to volatility and unexpected vicissitudes. Since the dawn of the new millennium, the commercial fields related to fashion, interior, and jewellery design have undergone a sea change. What was in vogue few years ago, it is now in the fashion with the onset of the 21st century.

Developments and innovations in the technologies pertaining to designing in all its varied aspects has proved to be a blessing in disguise for the numerous fashion/jewellery design institutes in India that have been and continue to offer professional courses. The aforementioned industries are experiencing a boom phase in the current economic scenario and design aspirants are making a beeline to take up a jewellery or fashion designing program in order to find employment in a reputed organization. Today, there are innumerable institutes in the country that are providing job-oriented courses in fashion designing, jewellery designing, and interior designing.

Our Mission and Vision

Based in Jaipur, Taraash Institute has amassed years of professional excellence in effectively brushing up raw skills of countless youngsters in jewellery, fashion, and interior designing. Taraash Institute has played an instrumental role in mentoring young men and women to become skilled professionals. We at Taraash, constantly strive to offer a congenial and encouraging learning environment to our students.
The aim is to provide an idealistic setting where potential designers can turn their dreams into reality. We are committed to consistently nurturing a setting or surroundings where learners will be able to cultivate an individualistic outlook, a tenacious approach, and most importantly a professional attitude.

The Designing Courses We Offer

We at Taraash Institute offer three distinctive courses related to the world of fashion-fashion designing, jewellery designing, and interior designing. Students can opt for a regular 3-year degree program in any of these streams or choose a diploma course which is of a much shorter duration

Career Opportunities in Interior, Fashion, and Jewellery Designing

Finding an entry-level job as a fashion designer, jewellery designer or interior designer may not be an issue as there are numerous establishments and outfits in the country that are willing to recruit fresh talent. Additionally, Taraash has tie-ups with topnotch fashion houses and interior design outfits that hold regular campus interviews at the institute’s premises.

Fashion Accessories Manufacturing Classes

You need creativity to design modernistic Fashion Accessories. Relying on experts and getting in touch with experienced mentors gives you and upper hand. Educators at Taraash have the experience and the skills to bring out the best in you.

The Mentors at Taraash Institute

Taraash Institute is very popular with high school and college-level students as the establishment has maintained a robust track record in apprenticing students efficaciously in the aforementioned fields of design.

Kartick Soni, Interior Designer

We at Kartik Soni, a postgraduate in interior designing has garnered extensive experience by contributing to several residential and commercial projects. He is well versed in the software applications that are used heavily for interior designing like Adobe Photoshop, Coreldraw, and Autocad (2D & 3D).

Reetu Soni, Jewellery Designer

Reetu Soni is a highly skilled and experienced Jewellery designer who continues to share her skills with the students. She is totally focused on stabilizing the career of her students pursuing a course in Jewellery designing.


Varsha Kaushik, Fashion Designer

Varsha Kaushik, is a consummate fashion designer who keeps herself constantly updated about the constantly changing styling trends and patterns in the fashion industry which is always in a state of flux. She passes on the information to her students.